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BeFOre  – Diesel Particle Filter

BeFOre – Diesel Particle Filter

Problem 1 - DPF Service

Diesel Particle Filters (DPF) are designed to remove diesel particulate matter from the exhaust of diesel engines.

DPF’s are made up of a series of linear, porous chambers that are designed to trap particulate matter and allow exhaust gases to flow through the filter.

Over time ash will buildup in the filter causing an air-flow restriction which can ultimately damage the DPF.

This may result in the replacement of the DPF and can cost upwards of $3,000. Not to mention the untimely downtime and lost revenue.

After  – Diesel Particle Filter

After – Diesel Particle Filter

Solution 1 - DPF Service

Provided on-site service to effectively and efficiently clean your DPF. 

Supplied a Premium ULS Diesel Booster that will keep your DPF clean and functioning properly.

We reduce downtime by servicing your DPF in a timely manner.

Before  – Fuel Injector

Before – Fuel Injector

Problem 2 - Fuel Injector Service

Internal diesel injector deposits are a growing issue that primarily affect modern common rail fuel injection systems.

Unlike convention coking deposits which form on the tips of fuel injectors and within the fuel spray holes; these deposits are found within the injector body itself, such as at the armature group, on the piston and nozzle needle and inside the nozzle body.

These deposits can slow the response of the fuel injector, or cause sticking of moving internal parts, which may result in loss of control of injection event timing, as well as of the quantity of fuel delivered per injection.

A build up of internal injector deposits can lead to a loss of vehicle drive ability and rough, noisy engine running, as well as unwanted variations in power and loss of fuel economy. In extreme cases affected vehicles may fail to start.

After  – Fuel Injector

After – Fuel Injector

Solution 2 - Fuel Injector Service

Corrected the injector spray pattern by flushing injectors to improve fuel efficiency and...

  • We enhanced engine performance. 
  • Improved the fuel spray pattern.
  • Substantially reduced harmful exhaust emissions.
  • Supplied a Premium ULS Diesel Booster that will maintain injector cleanliness.